The Bear’s Song review by Kate Lakie (UCL MA Publishing Student)

The Bear Song by Benjamin Chaud is an amusing little tale about Papa Bear who is awakened from his hibernation to pursue mischievous runaway, Little Bear, through the city. The pursuit lands Papa Bear (quite literally) with the leading role in an Opera where he proceeds to scare the subject – a runaway child, through a sprinkling of humorous scenarios to keep it light and entertaining, ending with a heart warming moral that ‘adventure is best enjoyed together’.

Chaud’s drawings are completely captivating. The oversized format of the book gives the illustrations the room they need as they unfurl over each double page spread and extend over the books pages. In this way the eye is drawn to them first and the text second meaning that the majority of the story is understood through the artwork . The pure scale of each drawing combined with the rich detail of them provides a truly immersive experience when reading The Bears Song. It is a beautiful book and a lovely little adventure of a read.

Kate Lakie