Once upon a time…

there were three of us,

Julia, Peter and Beatrix.

We lived, laughed and played alot.

and then…

The years went by and one magical starry night along came Ottie.

Which is how the story of Ottie and the Bea begins…

Playfulness and possibility

As Ottie and the Bea came into being I envisaged a space that was magical and special.

Our shop is a place of playfulness, creativity and possibility, bursting with colour.

When I am buying for the shop I select all the stock based on our clear criteria…




Hear our story

Here’s an interview with Julia, from Ottie and the Bea, telling the full story of the shop.

Where playing means testing

We have a team of testers at Ottie and the Bea who take their work very seriously because playing and having fun is a very serious matter… no matter what age you are.